Meet The Women Who Is Revolutionizing The Adult Industry

Look at yourself, what do you want to be? Who in your life is stopping you from being her? Remove them today!  What do you need monetarily to fulfil your dream or goal? Have you made a plan? Write it down, say it everyday. Do one thing towards it. Nothing is for free, don’t be afraid to say no. You are more than this, These are teaching moments. You will survive.

For Tiadah Byrd, the sky is literally the limit. She considers herself a combination of hard work, life lessons, and creativity. Tiadah has dabbled into the adult industry for many years now and learned the hard way, how women in this industry feel lost and are desperately looking for advice and help. Growing without a father, being sex trafficked, and feeling hopeless didn’t stop her from becoming an entrepreneur that wants to change the way we look at the adult industry. In fact, Tiadah is using her life story in this new journey where she plans to help other women in the industry understand that a job doesn’t define who they are and that there’s more out there for them.

“I was awfully bad in school and it often confused me. I always wished I could study only something that really fascinates me but I didn’t know what I was looking for. Ironically, I graduated from school and married my high school sweetheart. We had a beautiful baby girl together but weight gain from postpartum depression led to his infidelity and ultimately our divorce. I spiraled for a while beginning very dangerous sexual behavior after my weight loss. Before I learned to just love my body.”

As a single mother, she decided to move to Atlanta where unable to find a decent paying job, she was led into the adult industry. She worked in 2 different brothels, escorting. There was no abuse in these places and living conditions were rather lavish. She didn’t have her daughter for a few months with hopes to get on her feet. However, the house had predatory financial patterns taking portions or a (cut) so high that a girl cannot ever get on her feet to truly leave. She ended up leaving after a few months just as broke as she started. A few physical altercations later, she then became an independent escort.

Stripping was next, she describes her experience as not being difficult in the sense of the job, just emotionally. “Feeling like a failure or a bad woman, trying my hardest with my circumstance, guilt, and ignorance for money. I had to learn to save and plan and trust me there is no guide and many predators in the club looking to take advantage.”

After realizing her skills in speaking and coaching within all the years she has been helping her coworkers, Tiadah saw an opportunity to help more and more people. Therefore, She is starting her own business and brand that offers healing and sex positivity and empathy. The business will offer help in three different ways, Ebooks and digital content, conventions, and One on One Coaching.

“It’s imperative that I Shine a light on the society to mind people that were women and human. To help remove the shame, misogyny, and misunderstanding. If I can help these women feel confident, sexy, brave, and alert. We can stand as a force in financial Strength but mental toughness. I need society to see that your not your occupation, your lows can become the steps to highs.”