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Facebook Hit By ‘Explosive’ New Allegations As Criminal Prosecutions Loom

The worst week in Facebook’s history showed no signs of letting up this weekend, with fresh accusations in the Observer of an executive-level cover-up of Cambridge Analytica’s data harvesting. The crux of the allegations, described by the newspaper as “explosive”, is that one Facebook board member (at least) was aware of the true and ongoing purpose of the contentious data harvesting almost two-years before the company claimed to have learned the facts from the press.

Separately, on Friday the academic behind the scheme, Aleksandr Kogan, sued the social media giant for defamation, for faking ignorance and for using him as a scapegoat when they were aware of events all along – claims that will be boosted by the fresh allegations. According to NBC News, Kogan “had been waiting on investigations by the Department of Justice, the Security and Exchange Commission and the Federal Election Commission of the Cambridge Analytica scandal to wrap up before filing, but the statute of limitations ‘forced our hand’.”

In the last week, Facebook has suffered its largest technical outage, endured revelations of a grand jury investigation in New York into the trading of should-be private user data with other technology companies, witnessed the tragic right-wing shooting in New Zealand live-streamed on its network, overseen the departures of chief product officer Chris Cox and head of WhatsApp Chris Daniels and caused a major own-goal by removing presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s campaign ads after she announced a proposal to break up the company.


This article originally appeared on Forbes