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Celebrity & Millennial Entrepreneur Josh King Madrid is coming to Las Vegas

From a UC Irvine dropout to multi-millionaire, Madrid is arguably the world’s youngest most recognizable motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

World-renowned celebrity, influencer, business consultant for social media and marketing, entrepreneur, and millennial Josh King Madrid has confirmed he will be bringing an event called “M3 Accelerator Summit 2019” this weekend to Las Vegas.

The event, which is expected to be attended by over 700 people, will bring together the biggest experts in the business & digital marketing world,

Not only have these entrepreneurs created businesses that generate millions in revenue but they also created an online social presence that combined have helped impact millions of lives in a positive way, whether it be mentally, physically, or financially,” Madrid said.

Starting tomorrow, over 30 figure e-commerce, cryptocurrency, fitness, and real estate experts will take the stage to share the top business growth tactics, social media hacks, sales tactics and marketing secrets used in today’s economy.

Some of the top experts, include: Josh King Madrid, Host of the Dropout Degree and Business Consultant; Ryan Stewman, Best Selling Author; Dan Fleyshman, Youngest Founder of a Publicly Traded Company; Forbes Riley, TV Celebrity, and many more.

Thus far, the event has attracted people from all over the United States, and promises to be an inspiration to all millennials who are looking to achieve financial freedom. Madrid and his business partner Ryan Stewman are set to hold the event at The Palms Casino, starting at 7am.

For more information on the event’s agenda, please click here.